Math was my first love. It was put in my cradle, as both of my parents are mathematicians.

Teaching is in my genes – my mum and my granny were teachers.

As a schoolgirl I was sometimes asked to take over the class from my math teacher while he was watering the plants, softly humming to them. I loved it.

I was privileged enough to get the international education and have graduated from Danube International School with the bilingual IB diploma. I enjoyed higher level math greatly, but I was becoming aware that not everyone shared my feelings towards math.

After getting a masters degree in Mathematics, I have spent my twenties working for large international concerns, traveling all over the world as a project manager, customer relationship manager and eventually regional sales manager. I was listening to customer needs, specifying their requirements, training the end users, speaking at conferences. It was quite an exciting period of life, but I started wondering about the sense of it. The real meaning 🙂

After spending two months in the Himalaya mountains and completing yoga teachers’ training I have returned to my roots of teaching and mathematics, by founding Go4IB in 2007.

So what do I do?

I help students be happy, by regaining self-esteem and getting the grades they need. I believe that math is a wonderful science, but I do understand that not everyone feels this passionate about it.

Doing math is enjoyable. If you are getting it. If your answers are right. If you are getting good grades on tests that you studied for. But it can also be different. Frustrating because you know that you’ve done all you could but the results are still devastating. Or was there something you could have done differently?

This is where I come in as a tutor or a teacher of a small group of students. I mostly succeed in teaching without creating an overwhelm in learners’ minds. I give the overview of the big picture and explain the conceptual side, but I also explain the nit-picky stuff you need to consider when solving an actual exam questions. I make sure that you don’t miss out on any part of the topic scheduled for the test. That you understand the language of the question – misreading happens often. But if you need me as a motivator and someone who helps you with your homework, I’ll be there, too. And sometimes, and it does happen. I might help you discover your math gene and become thrilled about it. And this is beautiful.

Milica’s CV

  • 2007 Founder, Director and Teacher at Go4IB
  • 2007 Dyslexia und Dyscalculia Trainer Certificate
  • 2006 Yoga Teacher Certificate
  • 2000-2006 Project, Customer Relationship and Sales Manager at Eriksson and Philips
  • 2000 Master of Science from The University of Technology Vienna, TU Wien, in Mathematics for Technology
  • 1998 Bachelor of Science from The University of Brighton, UK in Mathematics for Management
  • 1994 Graduated from Danube International School with bilingual IB diploma