Here’s what some of our students have to say about Go4IB

Math Courses Feedback

“It is intense and good. 20h over a week really gets you in math mode. Even though 4h per day seems like a lot, it passes quite fast. There was enough time to revise to revise both the theory and past exam papers and nothing was rushed. Everything was covered in peace without being under time pressure.” Olivia, Hurstpierpoint College, UK

“This teacher was so much better than the one I had in England!” Lena, Charterhouse School, UK

“I like the fact that we could arrange to do the course in German with a couple of friends.” Vanessa, DIS

“I loved the Mind Maps as I am a visual type – finally all the topics were organized in my head.” Anna, DISV

“I understood topics within an hour which would have taken me several hours of revision by myself.” Marie, DISV

“I loved the X-Mas course and I am definitely returning for the Final Revision Course in April! The other students were so helpful, we are all in the same boat.” Flo, DISV

“It motivated me to revise independently. I would go home and do some more questions at breakfast table! I know where my weaknesses are and target them easily.” Helena, DISV

“Basing a course around past papers is a lot more effective than most books and study guides where time is wasted learning irrelevant things.” Vera, EFIA Oxford, UK

“The course exceeded my expectations as I was able to catch up an entire year of math in just four days.” Elisabeth, VIS

“Amazing! The humor between the work kept motivation high as well as teacher’s sincere personal interest in students.” Cat, DISV

“This course was just amazing, time flew by really fast and I learned here more than during a whole year! The atmosphere is excellent and you feel comfortable and not stressed.” Minnona, Zurich International School

“The material provided was excellent. While in school we go over normal questions here we went over past papers which are more useful.” Maysoon, Dubai International School

“Best math revision course ever!” Liza, DISV

“This course was more than helpful! I have learnt tricks and shortcuts which will help me save time on my final exam.” Sonja, VIS

“The teacher was wonderful. We asked her so many questions and she kept her patience and always answered them in an easy way so we can understand best.” Alexandra, Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, CH

„One of my goals was to obtain clear and organized notes on the topics and receive clarification on certain unclear topics. All these goals were met!” Dominika, BIS Bratislava

EE Club Feedback

“I got an A on my TOK Essay and a B on EE so I got all 3 extra points! Thank you again so much for your help! I really needed the points to get in the uni of my dreams.” Anastasia, AIS

“I enjoyed your approach to teaching which was based on giving us a “skeleton” and tools to work with. I am excited to face the remaining 3000-something words with what I’ve learned this week. The confidence and skills that I gained during this course (not to mention knowing the layout of my EE) will surely help me whiz through the rest of my essay with ease.” Aleksandar, VIS

“This course is truly a life saver! Thank you for helping me so much for my EE! It was really helpful and I feel a lot more confident with it now!! Also the writing tricks really helped and I am sure I can apply them for school as well. When I am here I feel so motivated and also because you are so caring and friendly I feel like I can work much better! I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough!!” Bianca, DIS

“There were so many exercises which we undertook and these really helped and prepared one. After doing these one would be in a state where you could write for hours. I have never done any activities like them but I think they really helped and now I know many tricks that can help me write and concentrate in the future. The most amazing thing off all that I realised after the course was that all the time I spent on the extended essay, I really enjoyed learning so much about the topic.” Sofie, DIS

“The course was great because you were very invested and you care that we do well. All the resources given out are immensely practical and I would have struggled or never even thought to find them myself. All in all, the course helped me understand academic writing.” Alyssa, VIS

“It was great that I was given the criteria for the EE so I would know what they are looking for as well as the writing tips for what to do/what not to do in the EE. Also the feedback on my EE was very good so now I can take it home and fix it. I liked how we got time to do more research/writing on our EEs during each session.” Arianna, Amadeus, Vienna

“Sitting amidst students who were just as panicked as I was about their essays was reassuring for the most part, but without Bojana I still believe that we would all be in an almost constant state of panic. Throughout this week we developed our extended essays from measly scraps of writing to substantial blocks of academic text. Without this class I would still be lost on the path of finding my way through the EE.” Ethan, DIS

“This week has been very productive when it came to Extended Essay work. All the information gathered was very useful, such as the printed guides and tips to writing a well-made extended essay. Generally I had a good time working on my extended essay that I would have otherwise procrastinated. The environment was relaxing and quiet, but also allowed discussion with other peers to aid each other.” Adam, VIS

“The course helped me to get far into my essay since when I came I had barely 300 words, now I have over 3000. The handouts were useful as they explained what our EE has to contain.” Sergiu, VIS

“Things I liked:
– The whole course was great (nobody is stressing)
– We took our time with things
– I liked the mind map exercise as it helped with my structure
– If I needed help I got it straight away
– I actually got much done”
Frederic, VIS

“I think discussing everything together is a lot more useful, so I found that to be a great thing. And having a casual atmosphere with no stress was definitely a good thing. The course and everything was very great for me! Thank you :)” Keita, VIS

“I learned some writing techniques that are very useful when writing literally anything. E.g. the mind map and 10 minute writing. I believe that I improved my writing skills by a great deal and can get a good grade in my EE.” Kemal, VIS

“The course definitely helped me greatly. Having come here with a basic intro I leave with half of my draft and a load of structure and writing advice. The time was well planned out allowing for exercises and writing time. The group size was perfect for working on separate projects. My main point is that this course was incredibly helpful and set me on the right track. Would recommend it to anyone struggling with the EE.” Kirill, VIS

TOK Club feedback

“This was very helpful because we discussed all essays in great depth, which inspired me and lead me into the right direction. I also thought the feedback on my personal plan was very helpful and I believe that there is great potential for my essay.” Pauli, St. Gilgen

“I thought the course was really helpful since we discussed a lot in depth and all were talking and helping each other out. We got great resources, which were very useful and will help a lot. This course made it clear what we should be doing, how to structure and how to approach the essay, things we could improve and avoid when writing the essay.” Anna, DIS

“I had fun and I have an idea where I’m going with this essay. Your feedback was great. I love the hand-outs you gave out. They were a great idea and are very helpful. I got to meet new people, which was also great, thanks. Thanks for your time and expertise.” Maysoon, VIS

“Thank you for the TOK Club that you organised! Without your knowledge on how to write a good TOK essay I would have to use the knowledge acquired from the TOK lessons in school (which is not a lot). What was most useful was that through discussing the main points of my essay and its important aspects I began to understand the topic more and managed to obtain examples which I could use in my essay which I was struggling with before.” Vyara, VIS