Go4IB Stands for

student-directed, participatory IB revision and exam preparation. It has been founded in 2007 in Vienna, Austria, and has supported already hundreds of students from numerous international schools in achieving the highest possible results at the IB examinations.

How we work

What is so special about Go4IB?

At Go4IB students own the process, dictate the pace and keep the responsibility for understanding. They are seated facing each other and lead the class by expressing their needs, asking questions, working out concepts and past exam papers on their own or in a small group, and presenting those to the rest of the group. The trainer is part of the group and there is not much “talk-and-chalk” teaching.

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Go4IB Team



Math was my first love. It was put in my cradle.


My passion? Make that two: words and numbers.

Why Go4IB? Because teaching is in our DNA!

Quality first

  • dedicated teachers
  • expert mathematicians
  • expert academic writers and coaches
  • year long experience with the IB program
  • attending to each student’s personal needs

Supportive learning environment

  • small groups: usually 3 to 4 students but can go up to 6 to 7
  • homey atmosphere – snug your feet in a soft woollen carpet
  • share your successes with other supportive students in the similar position like you
  • differentiated groups according to student level
  • receive and give friendly feedback
  • enjoy the location in the centre of Vienna


  • we are here for you when you need us
  • start with an assessment of your needs
  • create a study plan
  • choose the most suitable form that works for you
  • or ask us to organise a course for you and your friends, we need just a couple of days 🙂
  • all year support


“I enjoyed your approach to teaching which was based on giving us a “skeleton” and tools to work with. I am excited to face the remaining 3000-something words with what I’ve learned this week.” Alex, VIS

“I have gained new skills with GDC which is just fantastic!” Philippa, Schule Schloss Salem, DE

“I liked being with students of “my-kind”. This motivated me a lot! The group size was very good too! I liked how we did many questions as well as short summaries, which was helpful to refer back to during the exercises.” Monty, IBS of Provence