Christmas and Cinnamon are in the air, it is getting dark early, Josefstädterstrasse is decorated with blue, glittering balls of twinkle lights, it is cold outside while we have it nice and cosy, with gun-powder green tea, espressos, tortilla chips and gingerbread cookies. And we are studying. Focused. Procrastination is banned from our lives. Locked in a jar.
Like in the Mid-IB, we repeat all the covered topics but we are faster and more focused with the Mock-Exams hanging over our heads.
Usual Duration: 5 days with 3 hours per day

Take advantage of our expertise and join the X-Mas Revision course for grade 12!

Contact us if you have more questions.
If you need more support with math or the course dates don’t suit you, book a one-on-one class any time.