Mock Exams have a slightly different structure than our other courses. While in other math courses (Mid-IB, October Revision, X-Mas Revision) we comb through the syllabus topic by topic, in the Mock Exam Prep we are doing comlete past papers (except for the questions that have still not been covered at school). The goal is to help you score well on the upcoming mock exams, where you will also be facing all math topics next to each other, often mixed up in a single question.

Usual duration is a weekend, so Saturday and Sunday, 5h/day.
In each session we complete 3 past papers (paper 1 and paper 2, and another one). We work in a group and find a good balance between solving a question individually or all together. The teacher is there to explain difficult concepts and questions when needed, no general theory recap is given here (in contrast to other courses). Also the role of the teacher is to see if the student is able to work independently, if he/she uses the right approach and methodology or if a building block in the particular concept is missing.

Take advantage of our expertise and join the Mocks revision course for grade 12!

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If you need more support with math or the course dates don’t suit you, book a one-on-one class any time.