Time is flying – the Extended Essay deadline is just around the corner! 

But, no need to panic – with some systematic guidance and in a productive writing atmosphere you too can make it. 

We will meet up during the October break on five consecutive days for three hours each to discuss the final improvements for your EE and get some serious writing done!

In this course you will 

  • re-work your essay by adding or deleting passages as necessary,
  • make sure you have a valid argument that directly addresses your research question,

  • check that the structure of your essay is on spot,

  • write up any missing parts, and

  • polish your language and presentation so it is ready for final submission.

Take advantage of the thorough individual feedback provided by the instructor and of the group energy to get into the writing flow, register now and finish that Extended Essay already!

Contact us if you have more questions.

If you need more support in writing your essay or the workshop dates don’t suit you, book a one-on-one class any time.

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