After a long swim in a year of IBDP Math the hot summer threatens to erase it all from your head before the new school year with new topics starts. It is advisable to take a week to revise the syllabus topics covered in grade 11. Not only will you be examined on all of these topics in your finals but the new topics you will study in grade 12 are often building up on the grade 11 topics, so the foundation should be solid.

You will get:

  • a theoretical recap of all grade 11 topics
  • practice of numerous past exam questions sorted by the topic we are revising
  • a full understanding of the examination terminology (i.e. the difference between write down, find, calculate, determine and solve, between draw, sketch and plot, between hence and hence or otherwise, and what you are supposed to do with “show that” questions)
  • Individual attention as the group is very small (as with all our courses)
  • Interaction with other students and some new friends (again as with all our courses)
  • clear picture of your strengths and what topics you still need to focus on
  • focused study time in a group and individual time at home, daily.

We go through the syllabus topic by topic, we revise the theory and then we do a bunch of past exam questions on that topic. When we finish, we move on to the next topic. Usually we do 2 topics per day.
Math Studies usually work with our mind maps, that visually summarise most important features on one page.
Usual Duration: 5 days with 3 hours per day

This course is also suitable for students taking their exams in November. We will be covering 65-75% of the complete syllabus as more than a half of it is covered in grade 11.

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