Grade 10 Finals Course takes place over a long weekend at the end of grade 10 and will prepare you for the grade 10 final exams. But moreover it will prepare you for the IB Diploma and will aid your decision which math level to take.
Usual Duration: 2 days with 8 hours per day, or 4 days with 3 or 4 hours per day

Pre-IB Math course takes place during the summer break and is a one-week full immersion in math needed for the IB diploma.
Usual Duration: 5 days with 3 hours per day

In the Pre-IB Math course of your chosen level you

  • get to revise the grade 10 syllabus which is a prerequisite for the IBDP.
  • brush up your graphic display calculator skills, which are under our vigilant eyes throughout the course. Even though most of the students are not new to the graphic display calculator (usually TI-nspire or TI-84), many of them have still to improve their calculator handling.
  • are familiarized with mathematical vocabulary (important also for the students that already had math in English, to activate the terminology that maybe hasn’t been used in a while: e.g. multiples vs. factors, prime numbers vs. composite numbers, etc…).
  • have a head start with some topics that will be covered in grade 11: (MAI: Sequences and Series; MAA: Binomial Expansion and Mathematical Inductions, etc…).
  • have a go at past exam papers even before your IBDP years have started. Demystify the bubble and study in the most efficient way by learning how to maximize the IB scores from the very beginning on.

We go through the syllabus topic by topic, we revise the theory and then we do a bunch of past exam questions on that topic. When we finish, we move on to the next topic. Usually we do 2 topics per day.

Sometimes Pre-IB students choose to stay for a second week and join the Mid-IB revision, too. This is an excellent opportunity to meet Mid-IB students, pick up some of their maturity and see where you will need to be in a year’s time. As the groups are very small, from 4 to 8 students, at Go4IB we have the capacity to attend to each student individually. So if we, let’s say, notice that a student is weak in functions, the knowledge that he should already bring along from grade 10, we can prepare an extra day of functions for him while the rest is doing a new grade 11 topic.

Take advantage of our expertise and join our revision and IB-prep courses!

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If you need more support with math or the course dates don’t suit you, book a one-on-one class any time.