Extended Essay

The Extended Essay as a core component of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. It requires the students to conduct independent, self-directed research on a topic of their own choice and to produce a formal piece of academic writing based on their research.
The scope of the task is overwhelming, not just because of the prescribed word count of up to 4,000 words. There are several procedures that need to be co-ordinated for the successful completion of the Extended Essay, including:

  • choosing a topic
  • formulating a clear and focused research question and thesis
  • conducting independent research
  • effectively using research evidence to support the argument
  • communicating ideas and arguments in a structured and persuasive manner
  • conforming to the standards of good academic practice and academic honesty
  • i.e., appropriately documenting the sources used in the essay
  • managing an extended timeline for the duration of the research process

These skills are fundamental for all kinds of academic writing, not just the EE. However, at the stage they are required to write their EE many students feel overwhelmed for the first time: as young researchers they often have a hard time acquiring these skills and managing the tasks all at the same time. This comes as no surprise − the Extended Essay is after all the most complex written assignment they will have to complete during their IB programme.

This is where the EE Club can help, a workshop we designed specifically for students writing their Extended Essay.

The EE Club gives students the opportunity to learn these essential skills providing them with the know-how necessary for writing an excellent Extended Essay.

So, who is the EE Club for?

All IB students working on their Extended Essays are welcome to join, irrespective of their subject or topic.
We work in small groups of up to eight people.
The workshop is suitable for students at different stages of writing as everything we learn is relevant for the entire research/writing process and the exercises we do are easily adaptable to the students’ individual needs.

Early Bird EE Club

is a course we specifically created for giving you a head start on your Extended Essay. It usually takes place over a span of three days towards the end of grade 11. This means that as you go into the summer break you will have completed the first stages of the planning and writing process for your EE. And that will give you plenty of confidence to continue independently with the work on your EE over the summer.

If you want to

  • find out how best to start your essay,
  • be certain that your research question is both relevant and focused,
  • create an effective plan of action for the summer break, and
  • make sure that you will ace your EE and get the maximum points,
then the Early Bird EE Club is just right for you. Join in and get going with your Extended Essay because the early bird catches the worm.
We will meet up on three consecutive days for three hours each to discuss our research question and methods, create a well-structured outline, a clear and valid argument, and do some serious writing!

In this course you will

  • choose a topic and formulate a focused research question,
  • make a great structure for your essay,
  • find out about the best methods for conducting your research,
  • learn the tricks for generating ideas and writing a lot,
  • make your personal time-table and action plan, and
  • will write the introduction to your Extended Essay.

Most importantly, you will get a great idea of how to continue your research over the summer break.
Beside conducting individual and group work, you will be provided with individual feedback on your research question, essay structure and action plan by the workshop instructor.

Take advantage of the group energy to get into that writing flow and register for the Early Bird EE Club.

Contact us if you have more questions.
If you need more support in writing your essay or the workshop dates don’t suit you, book a one-on-one class any time.