By reading the student and the parent/guardian agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Student’s Commitment

The student agrees to:

  • Act in a courteous, considerate and responsible manner with respect to fellow students and Go4IB staff/instructors.
  • Attend punctually the classes in which he or she is enrolled.
  • Not leave the Go4IB premises without permission of staff/instructors.

Breach of Student’s Commitment

Any breach of the above conditions will be reported at the earliest possible convenience to the parent/guardian and may lead to the student’s dismissal from the course. In such circumstances, there will be no refund of fees.s

3. Damage, Loss or Injury

Parents/guardians are liable for any damage, loss or injury caused by their child/student. In addition, Go4IB is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by a student, whether caused by the student or a third party (including another student).

4. Payments

The payable fee will be specified in an email sent to the email address provided by the Student or Guardian in the registration process, to the Go4IB bank account provided. The Student or Guardian is responsible for providing a correct and functioning email address, and for checking this continuously up to the start of the courses in order to ensure that important information is received.

Course fees are to be paid within 14 days after the receipt of a registration confirmation in full, and without any deduction, set off or counterclaim.

5. Refunds

The Student can, in accordance with EU law, cancel the booking of the course within 14 days of entering into this agreement. In such a case, the Student must take all reasonable measures to ensure that the intention to cancel is communicated to Us.

The right to cancel within 14 days does not apply once the courses have started.

If the Student chooses to activate his or her right to cancel, We shall, within 30 days, repay any refundable fee paid by the Student to Us.

Fees refundable after the 14 day right to cancel window has passed:

Time before the start of the first course period when making your cancellation Refundable Course Fee Non-Refundable Course Fee
More than 5 months 75% 25%
More than 3 months, less than 5 months 50% 50%
More than 1 month, less than 3 months 25% 75%
Less than 1 month before start 0% 100%

6. Cancellation or Alteration of Courses

Go4IB reserves the right to cancel courses which are under-enrolled. Parents and students will be informed as early as possible should any of their registered courses run this risk. In such a case, students will have the option to enroll for one-on-one tutoring at an additional charge, choose another course or receive full refund.

Go4IB also reserves the right to change the time or venue of courses. The students and parents/guardians will be notified of any changes at the earliest possible time. Full refunds will be provided should the student not be able to attend the course due to such a change.

Go4IB is not liable for any direct, or indirect, consequential or special damages that may be incurred due to a cancellation of a scheduled course. The student’s sole remedy shall be the refund of prepaid course fees.

6. Permission to Use Photographs and Feedback

Photos and videos may be taken during the courses, which may be used in electronic or print media (Go4IB website, brochures, social media).

Go4IB reserves the right to use student’s feedback gathered during courses as testimonials in electronic or print media. The testimonials may be accompanied by a photo thumbnail of the student, his or her name, the name of the course he or she took and the name of his or her school.

If the student or the Guardian does not wish to accept this individual clause of the Terms and Conditions, he or she may hinder this clause from entering into effect by emailing prior to the beginning of each course the student is enrolled in.

7. Miscellaneous

Should the Student be a minor, the consent of the Student’s Guardian is required for this agreement. The Guardian is in that case responsible for the Student’s compliance with the rules and agreements imposed by these Terms and Conditions. This contract may only be enforced by Go4IB KG, the Student and/or the Student’s legal Guardian should the Student be a minor.